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Want to see what L’École Valrhona Brooklyn can teach you? Curious about L’École Valrhona Chefs and our facility? Check out these professional testimonials and why Chefs consider us the best place to learn new techniques.

L’École Valrhona Brooklyn

What I learned at #EcoleValrhonaBk not only has greatly improved my skills but also provided me with the tools to teach those I will come in contact with, sharing the same passion and pursuit of perfection.


Attending the class was an absolute dream come true. Ron is the sweetest, sassiest, most passionate person I have ever encountered. I am dreaming of my return to New York where I can hopefully meet him again! If anyone is considering attending a class, I would definitely recommend!


It’s such a great feeling working alongside culinary professionals where everyone is so willing to teach and learn in these three days. In an industry like ours, we often don’t have time to take a breather to just learn and appreciate what it is we make each day. This experience will definitely be the first of many.


Amazing class with Oriol Balaguer at L’Ecole Valrhona Brooklyn. As you can see, it is a very intimate class size, with personalized guidance from the instructors. Even though I’ve been running my own patisserie for 17 years, I realize there is always more to learn. Not only did I take away many parlor tricks from Oriol, I also learned from my fellow classmates, as we all came together in this state of the art kitchen from different parts of the country to learn and share. The atmosphere and camaraderie in the school was as beautiful as the desserts we created. Ready for more!


Reminiscing on that time I flew out to the big apple to attend a class in my dream kitchen at #EcoleValrhonaBk. I’m still mind blown from some of the techniques I learned there! Definitely going back for another class one day.


If there’s something I’ve learned in this field, it’s that you never stop learning. I’m very grateful for @valrhonausa and @stephanetreand for taking my skills to the next level!


Being in the presence of a brilliant mind was very inspiring. I left this class extremely motivated and I want to have that feeling again.


I can think of nothing more fulfilling than the ability to work with like-minded professionals who share my passion for the sweeter things in life. @ValrhonaUSA cultivates a strong community for learning that allows me to pursue my passion and encourages me to constantly test the limits of my creativity.


This class was certainly challenging, and put me out of my comfort zone in the best way possible (…) Thank you @ValrhonaUSA for providing top-notch educational opportunities for the pastry industry!


Classes like what @valrhonusa offers is what helps hone my skills to become a better culinary individual. (…) And the experience was greater than I expected. I hope I get the chance to find the time and take some classes again with #valrhonausa. A myriad of talented, world-renowned chefs, in a facility that any pastry chef dreams of having.

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