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1. Legal information

The publisher of the Site is the company Valrhona SAS, with a registered capital of 1 539 990 €, having its registered offices at Tain L’Hermitage, France, registered in the 435 480 520  Trade and Companies Register under the number FR79435480520.
Tel: +33 (0)4 75 07 90 90

Publication director: Patricia GRANGE, Global Marketing and Communication Director, Valrhona

Hosting of the Site:
Address: 38 rue du Sentier, 75002, Paris, France
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2. Ownership rights over the Site and the content

The Site and all of its content (especially, commercial trademarks and logos, all of the graphical, text and digital elements of the Site, including directory structure, formatting, articles, presentations, illustrations, photographs, and/or any other document are protected by French and international laws on copyright  and intellectual property.

No licence or right to use these elements may be construed or implied hereunder.
In this respect, any display, reproduction, embedding, dissemination, broadcast, rebroadcast and redistribution, in whole or in part, is prohibited (Article L. 122-4 of the French Intellectual Property Code). Any person who does so without being able to prove prior authorisation by the holder of these rights will be subject to the penalties applying to infringement and counterfeiting (Articles L. 335-2 et seq. of the Intellectual Property Code). Valrhona may rely on its rights, including its intellectual property rights, to bring any and all proceedings including criminal prosecution.

Valrhona reserves the right to improve or modify, at any time, the information, products, programmes or terms of use described on the Site, and shall not bear any liability as a consequence. The applicable terms, conditions and statements are those in force on the date of your connection to the Site.

3. Credits Photos

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Hugo De Piccoli - 4 quai Commerce, 69009 LYON

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