Why we love INSPIRATION!

Vibrant décor that lasts

Before INSPIRATION, if you wanted to add fruit décor to your dish, the only real options were fresh fruit or freeze dried and dried fruit. With fresh fruit, you have to worry about the liquid from the fruit leaking and bleeding onto your dessert. You also have to eat or sell it quickly so the fruit remains fresh. Now with INSPIRATION, you can create beautiful decorations that hold up to time and some moisture.

Panning, molding, & coating with fruit and nuts

Panning, molding, and coating wasn’t really possible with fruit and nuts before. The only way to include fruit or nuts in your panned or coated creations was to use fruit in the center or settle for artificial flavors, colors, and extracts.

Natural, flavorful mousses, crémeux, and ganaches

Now you can easily make a vibrant, full flavor mousse or crémeux with the proper texture and mouth feel using INSPIRATION. The use of cocoa butter leads to a great mouth feel in mousses, and the lack of water content makes it work perfectly in the preparation to keep adding flavor without sacrificing texture and thickness.

Fresh fruit flavor without the storage and seasonality constraints

INSPIRATION makes the use of strawberries and passion fruit year-round possible in your pastries without sacrificing the full vibrant flavor and color.

Glazes, bars, BBC and countless other new possibilities

Now you can create beautiful decorations, sculptures, coat or enrobe ice cream, and make amazing confections using fruit and nuts!

Unique vegan and dairy free desserts

New possibilities are opened up for people with dietary restrictions or preferences helping you capitalize on current market trends.


Now with INSPIRATION, you can impart vibrant, natural flavor and color in your creations, so every bit brings interesting, impactful flavor. INSPIRATION opens up unlimited potential for creating eye-catching desserts that stand out.

Limitless Creativity

Explore and gain creative inspiration from all our INSPIRATION recipes. With INSPIRATION nothing is off limits.

Get inspired by our chef community.

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