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Valrhona USA launched in July 2016 an initiative to improve the living conditions and public health for the cocoa producing community of Los Ranchos, Peru. The village is located in northwest Peru, where a nearly extinct variety of cocoa called Gran Blanco was recently grown and harvested by Valrhona in collaboration with local farmers. The cocoa is used to make Valrhona’s ILLANKA 63%. To help raise money to provide clean water to villagers in Los Ranchos, Peru, Valrhona committed to donating $2 per bag of ILLANKA 63% sold through until July 2017. The Valrhona Clean Water Project has completed funding, and raised $18,484.00! Thank you for your generosity!

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In 2013, Valrhona partnered with the Norandino Cooperative, an organization working to restore a nearly lost variety of cocoa called “Gran Blanco,” native to the Bigote River Valley in Northwest Peru. This rare cocoa grows on trees that are up to 150 years old. Working together, Valrhona, the Norandino Cooperative and local farmers successfully brought back this nearly extinct cocoa. In the Spring of 2015, Valrhona launched ILLANKA 63% Grand Cru, a superb dark chocolate made from the Gran Blanco beans harvested in this area. This success of this chocolate resulted in a boom for the surrounding cocoa producing communities, creating much needed jobs and improving the local economy. The village of Los Ranchos overlooks the Bigote River Valley in Northern Peru. The unfiltered natural springs serve as the main source of water for this community, however the water is often polluted due to wastewater, drought and livestock contamination. Parasite infection including cysticerosis, tape worm and colibacilosis plague the health of both children and adults.

We are thrilled to extend our partnership with the Norandino Cooperative one-step further with our Valrhona Clean Water Project to improve the livelihood and public health in the village of Los Ranchos and the Bigote River Valley.

Our goal was to raise a minimum  of $10,000 USD by July 2017 with all proceeds going toward the purchase and installation of water filters in the community of Los Ranchos.
Valrhona donated $2.00 USD for every 3kg bag of ILLANKA 63% sold in North America.

A fundraising platform via encouraged independent donations to support the project. Valrhona also encouraged independent initiatives and provided marketing and communications support to interested businesses.

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