Valrhona C3 2017: Announcing the Winners

We are thrilled to announce the winners of the Valrhona C3 Pastry Competition 2017.

On Monday, October 23, 2017, six pastry chefs from the United States and Canada put their skills to a test at the North American Finals of the Valrhona C3 Pastry Competition.

The candidates were required to prepare a plated dessert and a petit four based on the theme WAINA 35% White Chocolate and ORIADO 60% Dark Chocolate.

After an intense 5 hours of competing for a place at the International Finals of the 2018 Valrhona C3 Pastry Competition, the world renowned panel of judges selected the following winners. See their beautiful creations and more pictures from the Competition on Instagram using the hashtag: #ValrhonaC32017.

Congratulations to the winners.

Here's a video featuring a recap of the competition:

The winning desserts were:

Chef Pizzaro's Petit Four made with Passion Fruit Crémeux, WAINA 35% Lychee Mousse, WAINA 35% passion fruit glaze, and Spiced Sablee, chocolate decors with pop rocks.

Chef Pizzaro's Plated Dessert made with ORIADO 60% Ganache, Balsamic Glaze, Lavender Ice Cream.

Chef Hin's Petit Four, the "Carribean" made with Finger Lime Crunchy, mango jelly, passion fruit. Yuzu, caramelized banana WAINA 35% ganache.

Chef Hin's Plated Dessert, "Black Forest" made with Maraschino ORIADO 60% mousse, ORIADO 60% Amaretto crémeux, almond Tofu, ORIADO 60% almond Biscuit, Elderflower morecello cherry jam, dark cherry elderflower sorbet, ORIADO 60% sea salt crumble, cherry elderflower coulis, cherry ORIADO 60% brandy. 

Chef Cavaliere's Petit Four, "The World is my Chocolate Oyster" made with WAINA 35% shell, Yuzu gellee, coconut fudge, caramelized puffed rice, eucalyptus foam. 

Chef Cavaliere's Plated Dessert, "Back to Black" made with ORIADO 60% cardamom pudding, dehydrated cinnamon meringue, blood orange curd, ORIADO 60% sorbet, and blackberries.


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