Molded Bonbons

L’École Valrhona shares its chocolate expertise through this course designed to help professionals create eye-catching molded bonbons. Airbrushing, hand painting, etching… Explore the many possibilities for decorating and molding bonbons with L’Ecole Valrhona Pastry Chef Derek Poirier. Register now for this unique class!


L’École Valrhona Brooklyn is all about special moments!

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L'Ecole Valrhona Brooklyn, Valrhona's pastry and chocolate school is all about learning, growing and creating special moments. Classes at L’École Valrhona help you develop your identity thanks to targeted classes that are adapted to all areas of expertise. Designed to enhance your learning experience, the size of the class will be kept between 8-12 students depending on the class theme.


- Discover the practicality of the molded form and the freedom it allows

- Learn proper shelling and molding methods for molded bonbons

- Explore tools and decorations to help create unique and artistic bonbons to stand out



- Produce balanced ganaches and fillings using fresh ingredients

- Create various individual molded confections and chocolate bars

- Utilize airbrushing, hand painting, etching, and other unique techniques for decorating and texturizing colorful eye-catching molded confections


Prices include a class recipe book, an apron, professional class photos, lunch on all class days and dinner with the student group and the instructor on the first or second night of class. 

*30% discount off for Cercle V North American Members


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