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We aim to divert 100% of our waste from landfill by 2025

Christel Imbert is Planning Manager at Valrhona. Following a staff hackathon in 2016, Christel worked with our logistics, quality, marketing and boutique teams to stop short shelf life bonbons going to waste. In 2017, thanks to their work, we launched our short shelf life bonbon assortment bags as part of our “Les Cabossés” range. Today, we’ve managed to save 1.7T of bonbons!

“Les Cabossés” gives a second chance to our imperfect looking or short shelf life products. Available exclusively in our Tain boutique, the range has helped us save 11.4T of products since launching in May 2016.

Les Cabossés is part of our larger commitment to fighting food waste in our chocolaterie. We do this in two key ways: reducing the amount of waste we produce, and ensuring any unused product we do make goes to good use. As well as ecodesigning our new products, we work to refine our production, stock management and sales estimations to make the right amount of chocolate as efficiently as possible. We give unsold products a second chance through “Les Cabossés”, donations to charities such as “Les Restos du Coeur”, or sales and seasonal gifts to staff.

1.7T of chocolate bonbons saved since 2017
11.4T of chocolate saved by “Les Cabossés” since launch in 2016

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