Once again, Valrhona innovates with a new Double Fermentation process and launches ITAKUJA 55% (Double Fermentation with Passion Fruit) and KIDAVOA 50 % (Double Fermentation with Banana)


Thirty years after developing the world’s first bitter chocolate, GUANAJA 70%, Valrhona has paved the way for a new generation of aromatic profiles with its double fermentation process.

In conventional chocolate production, cocoa pods are harvested when ripe. The pods are then split by hand to access the beans, which are covered in a white, sugary pulp called "mucilage".
The next stage is fermentation which is triggered by this white pulp surrounding the beans. Fermentation is a natural process which creates the delicious aromas and flavors that make different chocolates unique. Yeast and bacteria break down and create sugars and alcohols that interact with the cocoa beans to make the delicious flavors we so enjoy. The beans are placed into wood, rattan, or concrete boxes, then covered and stirred regularly throughout the four to six-day fermentation period.
In conventional chocolate production, after this fermentation, cocoa beans are dried and bagged, ready for the final processes of roasting, winnowing, grinding and conching. 

Our innovative product developers sought to build on that already rich cocoa flavor created through the first fermentation by initiating a second fermentation, this time bringing in additional outside flavors and aromas.
When the first fermentation period is complete and the initial aromas unveiled, the pulp from local fruits is added to the vats of cocoa beans to initiate a second phase of fermentation before drying the beans. The natural yeast and sugars of the fruit pulp work just like the sugars from the natural cocoa pulp in the first fermentation and kick off the alcoholic fermentation and acetic fermentations once again. The whole process continues to build on the already rich and complex flavors of the cocoa, melding with the natural flavors of the terroir to produce a totally unique flavor profile truly representing the region.



Single Origin Brazil
Double Fermentation with Passion Fruit Pulp


ITAKUJA 55% delights from the very first bite: A bouquet of  fruit aromas explodes, then gives way to the rounded flavors of Brazilian cocoa.
The deep aromas of the terroir are initially developed during the first fermentation. The pulp from locally harvested passion fruit is added to start a second fermentation, allowing the cocoa and fruity notes to marry.


Single Origin Madagascar
Double Fermentation with Banana


KIDAVOA 50% is a rich, complex milk chocolate with a forceful character from the very first bite featuring hints of dried banana.
Its milky notes are enhanced by a touch of tartness and slowly reveal fruity aromas. These are followed by spicier, malty notes, which finally give way to cocoa-rich bitterness.


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