Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie

A showcase to promote exceptional pastry professionals, the World Pastry Cup turns 30 this year. The World Pastry Cup is an international pastry contest which takes place every two years in Lyon, France. This competition unveils the latest trends and discovers the new global pastry talents. As a partner in the industry, Valrhona is proud to have been able to contribute to an event that prides itself on creating an international community of pastry chefs.


The 30th Anniversary World Pastry Cup of 2019 first prize was awarded to Malaysia. Pastry Chefs Wei Loon Tan, Otto Tay and Ming Ai Loi now succeed the French team, who won the title in 2017.

The Japanese team, composed of Chefs Fumiaki Ito, Mirai Nishiyama and Ryohei Oguma won silver, while the Italian team of Chefs Lorenzo Puca, Maria Cortinovis and Andrea Restuccia took bronze.

A contest among the most prestigious of food trades, the World Pastry Cup was created in 1989 by Gabriel Paillasson. For this year's Grande Finale, only five countries automatically qualified for the finale in Lyon, France, based on their past performance, instead of the usual seven. These teams are, in order: Italy, Japan, the United States, South Korea, and the United Kingdom. There are 21 teams competing in total.

This year, under the watchful eye of Philippe Rigollot, president of the World Cup committee, the best talents in the world of pastry gathered in Lyon for the final held on January 27th and 28th, at the SIRHA 2019.

About the World Pastry Cup:

21 international teams represented by three Chefs (a pastry chef, a chocolate chef and an ice cream professional), meet in Lyon to compete in a 10-hour event in front of a live audience. Their work is judged by a roster of prestigious pastry chefs.

The finale is held at the heart of SIRHA tradeshow in Lyon every two years. Between each finale, national and continental selections are organized all over the world.

  • 3 chocolate desserts - Valrhona Grand Cru
  • 2 frozen fruit desserts – Capfruit products
  • 19 identical plated desserts
  • 1 artistic creation made of sugar
  • 1 artistic creation made of chocolate
  • 1 artistic creation made of sculpted ice

What is new this year:

This year, the World Pastry Cup is celebrating its 30th birthday.
The competition pays attention to innovations, environmental issues, and consumer trends. This year, for the first time, the candidates will have to present a 100% vegan plated dessert, a task of unprecedented difficulty that will boost the creativity of teams. An exercise that aligns in perfect harmony with the general theme of the contest: "nature flora and fauna".

And in case there were not enough surprises, the organization of the competition has announced two interesting tests:

  • The creation of a sugar sculpture that must include a transparent piece made of blown sugar that measures around 25/35 cm, as well as three flowers made of drawn sugar.
  • The preparation of a chocolate dessert with a cookie made with honey to raise awareness of the importance of biodiversity. As Rigollot explains, “We thought it would be a good idea to use the reputation of the Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie to promote such an important and noble cause as the preservation of bees, because they are essential to our environment”.

Sixty-three candidates from 21 countries use their technical skills and creativity to try to win the prestigious competition that, in its 30th anniversary, shows more than ever its sensitivity to the planet.

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