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Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2018

Valrhona believes that we can create a more sustainable world of chocolate by sharing our experiences, and showing how our social and environmental commitments make a vital contribution to the quality of our products.

Valrhona CSR Report

“As a partner to chefs since 1922, we at Valrhona believe that, together, we can imagine the best of chocolate. By joining forces with Valrhona, you contribute to creating a more sustainable cocoa sector and become part of a community that’s passionate about chocolate. Ever since it launched its Live Long sustainability program, Valrhona has committed to continuously improving its practices. This is why we have chosen to develop this year’s CSR report so that we align ourselves ever-more closely with current regulatory standards – Even though there are no legal obligations on us to do so. Our determination to aim for a regulatory-style report reaffirms our brand’s ambition to offer our stakeholders absolute transparency about issues affecting our industry; our response to these issues; the objectives we have set ourselves; and the strategies we have selected to help us make the progress we need.

In a world where climate change will change our lives in more and more ways, where social and environmental injustices are threatening the cocoa industry’s future and where inequalities continue to grow, Valrhona wants to place its commitments at the center of its economic model and product range, so that we can create an ever-more responsible world of gastronomy. This is what we are doing via our Live Long program.”

  -Clementine Alzial


Our products' main ingredient -cocoa - is facing a growing number of social and environmental issues for which it is our duty to respond if we want our cocoa-producer partners’ businesses to develop and flourish over the long run. Producers’ living conditions, deforestation, and climate change are some of the threats we are confronted with. Cocoa’s value chain is complex - good supply management and traceability represent challenges of their own. With Live Long Cocoa, Valrhona is taking a comprehensive approach to tackling these issues. 
Valrhona CSR Report
We are promoting producer organizations’ development and we are helping to improve communities’ living conditions. We are promoting good agricultural practices and agroforestry so that producers’ businesses can last long into the future and soils are better protected. We are encouraging measures to protect local cocoa varieties so that the various flavors they provide are preserved. Finally, we are doing everything in our power to combat deforestation and protect forests and all the biodiversity they contain. Thanks to the 100% traceability of our cocoa beans right back to each of our 10,262 producers, we can ensure we have a positive impact on the world of cocoa. 

Valrhona CSR Report

By committing to support all our producers in adopting agroforestry techniques, we are actively creating more environmentally friendly cocoa that also enables producers to diversify their income. We believe it is our responsibility to ensure a fair distribution of value across the cocoa sector.

Valrhona promises to do everything in its power to combat child labor in its supply chain. With its Child Labor Statement, Valrhona has committed to supporting access to education by subsidizing producers and funding school building programs within or immediately around plantations. We are committed to ensuring the communities we work with have suitable educational infrastructures in place.

LIVE LONG ENVIRONMENTFrom production to distribution and logistics, every part of our value chain has environmental consequences which we, as a business, are committed to minimizing. 
More than a quarter of all Valrhona’s emissions came from its cocoa bean supply chain. To reduce the impact early in our value chain, we are committed to fighting deforestation and educating our producers about the best agricultural practices.

Valrhona CSR Report Carbon Footprint
Valrhona CSR Report Carbon Footprint

Customers and consumers want the products they buy to have increasingly transparent labeling that informs them about the health and environmental implications of their purchases. This is why Valrhona is working to eco-design its recipes and chocolates as a way of minimizing its environmental impact and providing the most natural products possible.

Because our responsibility does not end at our own doorstep, we work to help our customers put in place their own sustainable practices and, in turn, adopt an even more collaborative way of doing things.

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