Live Long


Cédric Robin, sourcer, works with our Brazilian partner M. Libânio. Encouraged by M. Libânio’s commitment to staff training, and seeing the need dedicated training space on the plantation, Cédric decided to co-finance the construction of a new training center in 2016.

Since the beginning of 2017, 250 employees and their families have received training at the new center, on subjects ranging from health and safety at work, to environmental protection and good agricultural practice. Thanks to this center, M. Libânio will not only be able to better pass on their cocoa expertise to employees and to the wider Bahian cocoa sector, but staff now also have a space for different community functions.

Our investment in these building works is part of our long-term partnership commitment to M. Libânio. Since our partnership began in 2013, we have not only supported training, but have also funded technical equipment, such as solar drying beds in 2015.

1 new training center
250 employees and their families have benefitted from the center

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