60% Hazelnut Praliné


Caramelized Nutty

A hazelnut praliné with low sweetness and notes of soft caramel.

5 kg tub

Praline manufacturing process

To offer a wide array of unique flavors, Valrhona uses two manufacturing processes to make its pralines. We make real caramel in the kettle to create the caramelized pralines in the Puissance Caramélisée line. The roasted dried fruit are added when the caramel achieves the right color. Valrhona has been using this signature process for 90 years to make intensely caramelized pralines offering a very lingering flavor in products.


"These pralines are made using a very impressive cooking method that requires a lot of attention when the caramel is bubbling in the kettle."

Guy Arzalier Praline machine operator

Technical information

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