CARAÏBE 66% Baking Bar

BBC & produit gourmet


Balanced and Velvety : Caraïbe 66% is made of the finest cocoa beans from small plantations in the Caribbean islands. Aromatic with a long finish, its fruity and barely sweet taste reveals the delicate flavors of almonds and roasted coffee.

250 g block

Caraïbe is the most balanced chocolate in the Mariages de Grands Crus range.

A remarkably bitter chocolate introduced two years after Guanaja in 1988, Caraïbe was an exceptionally well-balanced addition to the Mariages de Grands Crus collection of chocolates with truly enticing body and sweetness. Caraïbe and Guanaja are prime examples of how rich and complementary chocolate blends can be, which is why people often talk about Caraïbe as a "feminine" chocolate and say Guanaja has a more "masculine" profile.


"I use Caraïbe chocolate very often when creating desserts. It's something that I know is sure to please everyone, men, women, adults and children alike."

Morgane Dérédec Ecole Valrhona du Goût Trainer

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