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Milky and Vanilla notes : Waina is made from the finest organic, fair trade raw materials. With a slightly beige tone, from the exclusive use of b lond cane sugar, Waina delivers intense notes of fresh milk interspersed with cream that combines harmoniously with a to uch of bourbon vanilla.

3 kg feves bag

Waina: The sweetness of genuine white chocolate.

We created this white couverture to expand the Créations Gourmandes flavor palette. It stands out for having notes of farmhouse milk delicately enhanced by Bourbon vanilla bean. WAINA is part of the certified line and is only made from the finest organic raw materials from fair trade sources (Fairtrade/Max Havelaar certified and organically grown).


"This chocolate brings back childhood memories: flan, panna cotta, warm milk with honey, île flottante...the basics!"

Morgane Dérédec Ecole Valrhona du Goût Trainer

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