Azélia 35%


ColorMilk Gourmet Creation

Hazelnut and Chocolatey : Notes of roasted hazelnuts expertly blended with delicately smooth and perfectly sweet milk chocolate give way to extreme indulgence, the ideal canvas for creative possibilities.

3 kg feves bag

Azélia is the perfect fusion of chocolate, milk and hazelnuts.

When Valrhona wanted to create a new chocolate by reinventing one of the great candy classics, the result was AZELIA. This latest cru strikes the perfect harmony of chocolate, milk and hazelnuts. It brings back the tastes of childhood as it thrills even the most discerning adult palates. Valrhona crafted AZELIA from cocoa and nuts whose taste and quality shine through to perfection. With a warm brown color that conjures the most carefree childhood moments when used in any format from bonbons, bars and ganaches to entremets, ice creams and sorbets.


"This hazelnut-flavored couverture reminds me of my childhood."

Pauline Boudelaa Line operator

Our product Azélia 35% pairs well with


  • Exotic Fruits
  • Frutos


  • Coffee


  • Biscuit
  • Caramel
  • Puffed cereal

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