Snacking cakes


Steps: 4

An original recipe by Jérémy Aspa. 

Makes twenty-four 17x4.5cm cakes.

Recipe steps


  1. Heat the milk and the inverted sugar. Gradually pour onto the melted INSPIRATION. Immediately mix using an electric mixer to make a perfect emulsion. Set aside.


  • 300gEuropean butter
  • 75gall-purpose flour
  • 120gchia seeds
  1. Mix together the creamed butter and flour. Grease the molds with butter and sprinkle on the chia seeds so that they cover the tins’ inner sides.

Citrus & confit cake mix

  • 1100gwhole eggs
  • 900gsugar
  • 590galmond flour
  • 120gcandied orange peel paste
  • 140gyuzu pulp
  • 80gconcentrated yuzu paste
  • 350gall purpose flour
  • 210gcornstarch
  • 20gbaking powder
  • 310gclarified liquid butter
  • 210gwhole milk
  • 160gdried apricots
  • 160gcandied mandarin orange cubes
  • 160gcandied orange peel cubes
  • 160gcandied lemon peel cubes
  1. Mix together the eggs and caster sugar, plus the powdered almonds. Use the yuzu pulp, the concentrated yuzu paste and the zest to make the candied orange peel paste a little more liquid, then add all this to your initial mixture. Sift together the flour, starch and baking powder, then add the results to your main mixture. Add in the clarified liquid butter and milk. Finish off with the candied fruit cubes.


  • 210gwater
  • 260gsugar
  • 280gyuzu juice
  1. Use the sugar and water to make a syrup, then once it has cooled, add in the yuzu juice.

Assembly and finishing

Make the ganache and syrup and set aside.
Prepare the cake mix and put 200g into each mold (which you have  
greased in advance with beurre manié and lined with chia seeds).
Cover the molds with a sheet of baking paper and a baking tray so that  
the cakes have a flat top, then bake at 160°C (320°F) for approx.  
16 minutes. Steep each cake in 30g of syrup.
Spread some pre-hardened Yuzu Inspiration between two sheets of confectionery dipping paper.
Before it hardens completely, cut it into 17.5 x 4.5cm rectangles (two per cake). Use a dab of ganache to stick a rectangle of Inspiration onto the cakes.
Use a piping bag with a 10mm plain round nozzle to pipe out 50g of ganache in droplet shapes and put a second Inspiration rectangle in place, pressing down lightly.
Draw a thread of ganache onto the second rectangle so that you can stick down an assortment of candied fruit pieces (see photo).
Finish off with your own Customized Logo Decoration.

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