Made with: Waina 35%

Steps: 7

An original recipe by Nicolas Botomisy, from L'École Valrhona

Produces 6 entremets of 16cm (6 1/3 inches)

Recipe steps


  • 232.5gbutter
  • 232.5graw cane sugar
  • 87gflour
  • 174gpecans (crushed)
  • 174gcrêpes dentelles
  • ANfine sea salt
  1. Dice the cold butter in small cubes. Sift the flour and sugar, add in the butter and knead with the paddle attachment of a mixer. Add the ground almonds and crushed pecans. Chill for 30 minutes and push through a grid in order to get regular granules. Bake with the vent opened at 150-160ºC (XX F), until golden brown.
  2. Chef tips: you can replace the crêpes dentelles with ground almonds.


  • 250galmonds (ground)
  • 200gconfectioner's sugar
  • 300gegg whites
  • 60gsugar
  • 120gpecan paste
  • 5gegg white powder
  1. Mix together the ground almonds with the confectioner's sugar. Whip the egg whites with the sugar. Add the egg white powder in gradually. Add the pecan paste to the meringue and finish by incorporating the almond mixture using the rubber spatula. Bake at 170ºC (XX F) for about 18 minutes.


  • 200gSwedish yogurt
  • 10gglucose syrup
  • 300gpumpkin purée
  • 100gwhipping cream
  • 350gWaina 35%
  • 4ggelatin
  • 4gpumpkin pie spice
  1. Bring the Swedish yogurt to a boil with the glucose. Add the soaked and drained gelatin. Gradually pour over the melted WAINA 35% Couverture to obtain a shiny and elastic texture. Add the cold whipping cream, the pumpkin purée and the pumpkin pie spice. Mix for a few seconds. Set aside in the refrigerator.


  • 300gwhipping cream
  • 30ginvert sugar
  • 30gglucose syrup
  • 160gWaina 35%
  • 450gwhipping cream
  • 140gpecan paste
  • 45gwhiskey
  1. Bring the 300 g whipping cream, invert sugar, and glucose syrup to a boil. Gradually pour the boiling mixture over the chopped WAINA 35% Couverture and pecan paste, stirring from the centre to create a shiny and elastic core, showing the start of an emulsion. Maintain this texture right to the end of the mixing stage. Continue mixing, gradually adding the liquid. Mix with a hand-held mixer to finish. Add the last part of cold whipping cream and the whiskey. Refrigerate to crystallize for 5 or 6 hours, or overnight, then whip to obtain piping consistency or a texture which is firm enough to be worked with a spatula.


  • 200gpumpkin
  • 200gorange juice
  • 50gsugar
  • 25gbutter
  • ANpumpkin pie spice
  1. Cut nice 2 cm pumpkin cubes and combine with all the ingredients inside a vacuum bag. Once sealed leave in the refrigerator for one day then cook it at 85°C (XX F) for 30 minutes.


  1. Bring the ABSOLU CRISTAL and water to a boil and spray with a gun at about 80ºC (176 ºF).

Assembly and Finishing

  • ANPROVA Vanilla Bean Seeds "Caviar"
  1. Bake about 150g of Streusel into a 16 cm square frame. Once baked, pipe about 120g Pecan Dacquoise on top. Deep freeze with the frame. Irregularly pipe some Namelaka and Whipped Ganache in the frame, about 150g of each. Deep freeze, remove the frame, place some cooked pumpkin on top and spray with the hot Absolu Cristal Glaze.
  2. For the decoration, add a little bit of PROVA Vanilla Bean Seeds “Caviar” into tempered WAINA 35% Couverture and apply a small amount of chocolate (using a cling film) on an acetate sheet previously stuck with oil. Leave to set and place the WAINA decorations on top of the tart.
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