Strawberry Vegan Croissant Twist

Teatime and Viennoiseries, Dairy Free


Steps: 2

An original recipe from Romain Fournel

For 20 pieces (approximately)

Recipe steps


  • 350ggallahad flour
  • 430ghigh gluten lancelot
  • 200gAP flour
  • 18gSalt
  • 13gSugar
  • 17ginvert sugar
  • 18gdry yeast
  • 252gwater
  • 96gMelted vegan butter
  • 288galmond milk
  • 19gDough conditioner
  • 600gVegan butter for folding
  1. Mix in a bowl with a hook, flours, salt, sugar, invert sugar, yeast, water, conditioner and almond milk for 6 min first speed.
  2. Add the Vegan butter for 6 mins second speed. Dough has to be at 24°C (75.2°F) after mix.
  3. Proof at room temperature for 30 min then leave it orvernight in the cooler.
  4. The next day, roll out the dough then place the vegan butter in between.
  5. Roll out and do a double fold. Let it rest 15 min in the cooler.
  6. Roll out and to a simple fold. Let it rest 15 min in the cooler.
  7. Roll out at 5mm then cut rectangle 2.5"*6" (approximately 20 pieces).
  8. Place the pieces on the tray the day before in the cooler.
  9. Proof it for 2 hours at 25°C (77°F).
  10. Bake it at 174°C (345°F) for 20-25min.


  1. Place purées and invert sugar in a pan. Heat up mixture.
  2. Once the mixture reached a simmer pour over the INSPIRATION.
  3. Mix with an immersion blender until smooth then let cool.
  4. Fill the danishes with 40g of filling.

Assembly and finishing

Garnish the danishes with Dry Strawberry Powder and SOSA Strawberry Crispy Wet Proof.

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