Steps: 6

An original recipe by David Briand, Pastry Chef at École Valrhona

Makes 24 desserts (diameter: 7.5cm)

Recipe steps


  • 75gall-purpose flour
  • 35geuropean style butter
  • 10galmond flour
  • 0.5gSalt
  • 15geggs
  1. Mix the powdered ingredients with the cold, cubed butter. As soon as the mixture is completely smooth, add the cold eggs. Stop as soon as you have a homogeneous paste. Store in the refrigerator or spread out immediately. Bake at 150°C (300°F).


  1. Break the shortcrust pastry into pieces in an electric mixer, then incorporate the crushed crispy wafer and the melted fruit couverture. Tip: You can use offcuts from the shortcrust you’ve made as part of your daily work on other products.


  • 330gheavy cream 36%
  • 1Vanilla pod
  • 1gLime zest
  • 30gGlucose syrup
  • 30gInverted sugar
  • 230gOpalys 33%
  • 500gheavy cream 36%
  1. Heat the smaller portion of cream. Infuse it with the vanilla pod for 20 minutes. Sieve through a chinois and rectify the cream’s weight. Add the glucose and invert sugar. Slowly pour the hot mixture over the melted OPALYS. Immediately mix using an electric mixer to make a perfect emulsion. Add the second portion of cold liquid cream. Mix again in an electric mixer. Leave to stiffen in the refrigerator, preferably for 12 hours. Whisk until the texture is consistent enough to use in a piping bag or with a spatula.


  • 180graspberry purée
  • 10gGlucose syrup
  • 5gGelatin powder - 220 bloom
  • 25gWater for the gelatin
  • 360gheavy cream 36%
  1. Heat the fruit purée with the glucose until the two reach a temperature of approx. 80°C (176°F), then add the gelatin (which you have rehydrated in advance). Slowly pour this mixture over the melted RASPBERRY INSPIRATION couverture. Immediately mix using an electric mixer to make a perfect emulsion. Add the cold cream. Mix in the electric mixer again. Leave to stiffen in the refrigerator.


  1. Use the sugar, fruit purée and glucose to make a syrup, then cook at 220°F (104°C). Incorporate the sweetened condensed milk and the rehydrated gelatin, then gradually pour the mix out over the melted RASPBERRY INSPIRATION couverture. Immediately mix using an electric mixer to make a perfect emulsion. Bring the Absolu Cristal to the boil, then add it to the smaller portion of water and colorant in order to slightly accentuate its vibrancy. Mix in an electric mixer. Store in the refrigerator. Leave to harden for 12 hours before use. USE: Reheat the frosting to 32-34°C (90-95°F), then mix it in an electric mixer to homogenize and to get rid of as many air bubbles as possible. Ice.


  1. Bring the neutral Absolu Cristal Neutral Glaze to the boil in water. Immediately apply using a spray gun at about 80°C (175°F).

Assembly and finishing

Assembly: Make rounds of pressed shortcrust (approx. 15g each) using a 6cm diameter ring. Store in the refrigerator. Make a spiral of cream mix on top of the pressed shortcrust rounds (approx. 10g) using a piping bag with a 6mm diameter plain round nozzle. Store in the freezer. Line your 7.5cm diameter rings with clear acetate. Whip up the whipped ganache, then pour about 45g into each ring. Put the pressed shortcrust in place, making sure to put the cream mix on the same side as the ganache. Freeze. Turn out, then ice with Strawberry or Passionfruit Inspiration frosting. Use a piping bag with a 6mm diameter round nozzle to make a spiral of cream mix on top (approx. 15g). Freeze. Add a layer of neutral glaze.

Finishing: Put a metal rolling pin in the freezer. Use a piping bag (without a nozzle) and some pre-set fruit couverture to make the “eyebrows” and place them around the cream mix spiral.

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