Recipe steps


  • 850gWhole milk
  • 1eavanilla bean
  • 275gegg whites
  • 8ggelatin
  • 500gBlond® Dulcey 32%
  • ANActivated charcoal
  • ANblack powdered coloring
  1. Split and scrape the vanilla bean, and add it to the milk. Add mixing the gelatin, then the egg whites. Heat to 80/82°C (176°F), make sure the gelatin is fully dissolved. Gradually pour over the chopped DULCEY Couverture stirring from the centre to create a shiny core showing the start of an emulsion. Add the activated charcoal. Strain, and Immediately mix using an immersion blender to perfect the emulsion. Cover with plastic touching the surface. Let crystallize overnight before use.
  2. Chef's tip : If needed, add black food coloring for a deeper color.


  • 125gBUTTER
  • 125gAlmond flour
  • 125gall-purpose flour
  • ANactivated charcoal
  1. Cut the cold butter, in small cubes. Combine with all the remaining ingredients, and mix until it comes together. Set aside some plain dough, which will serve as a cooking indicator before the coloring is added. Add activated charcoal. Place small streusel nuggets on a baking sheet and bake at 150/155°C (302/311°F).

Assembly and finishing

Temper DULCEY 32% chocolate, add powdered activated charcoal and, if necessary, a black coloring.

Spread it out on guitar sheets and as soon as the chocolate begins to set slightly, scrape to create texture.

Make cannelles of the DULCEY Black Cream using slightly warmed spoons.

Cover each of them with a burst of decor, add some nuggets of Streusel, and add a sauce, or fruits of choice to enhance the plate. 

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