Madeira Yule Log

Yule log

Made with: Blond® Dulcey 32%

Steps: 8

Recipe by l'École Valrhona, for 5 “Large U” Yule Log molds (ref. 2171)

Recipe steps


  • 245gEgg Yolks
  • 490gSugar
  • 490gButter (softened)
  • 685gAll-Purpose Flour
  • 25gBaking Powder
  • 6gSalt
  1. Whip the egg yolks with the sugar. When the eggs and sugar are whipped, add the softened butter
  2. Sift together the flour, baking powder and salt and add to the mixture. Pour onto a baking sheet and leave to rest before baking. Bake at 300-320°F (150-160°C) with the damper open.


  • 1600gBreton Shortbread
  • 400gCocoa Powder
  1. After baking, weigh the cooked and chilled Breton Shortbread. Place in the bowl of a freestanding mixer with a paddle attachment and start the machine on the slowest speed to break the shortbread into crumbs. Add the melted cocoa butter and mix briefly.


  • 240gEgg Yolks
  • 640gEggs
  • 500gSugar
  • 400gEgg Whites
  • 160gSugar
  • 320gCake Flour
  • 40gVanilla Powder
  1. Whip the egg yolks, eggs and the larger amount of sugar in a freestanding mixer. Whip the egg whites and add the smaller quantity of sugar.
  2. Fold the egg whites into the first mixture and then add the sifted flour. Weigh out the cake mixture and spread evenly onto a silicone mat. Bake at 450°F (230°C) for 6-7 minutes in a convection oven.


  • 1260gWhole Milk
  • 250gEgg Yolks
  • 125gSugar
  1. Mix the egg yolks with the sugar without whitening. Bring the milk to a boil and pour onto the egg yolks.
  2. Cook until the mixture coats the back of a spoon at 183-185°F (84-85°C). Strain and use immediately.


  1. Take the hot and strained custard and use a rubber spatula to emulsify with the chopped chocolate, as for a ganache, until smooth, glossy and elastic. Blend to perfect the emulsion, taking care not to incorporate any air and working at 95-113°F (35-45°C).
  2. This technique will ensure the cream is always smooth, even after thawing.


  • 2010gBanana
  • 370gPassion Fruit Purée
  • 220gBrown Sugar
  • 220gClarified Butter
  • 170gLemon Juice
  1. Slice the peeled bananas on the bias. Mix together the passion fruit purée with the sugar, clarified butter and lemon juice.
  2. Add the bananas and leave to marinade for 30-40 minutes. Pour into a dish and cook at 392°F (200°C) for 12-15 minutes. Set aside in the refrigerator and blend when cold.


  1. Bring the milk to a boil and add the soaked and drained gelatin. Pour around one third of the hot liquid onto the melted couverture. Whisk until smooth, glossy and elastic, signifying the emulsion process is underway. Add the remaining milk, taking care to preserve this texture.
  2. When the mixture reaches 86-95°F (30-35°C), fold in the cold whipped cream. Use immediately. Blast freeze.


  1. Bring the ABSOLU CRISTAL NEUTRAL GLAZE a boil with the banana and passion fruit purées and then blend.
  2. Spray immediately using a spray gun at around 176°F (80°C).

Assembly and finishing

Prepare the Pressed Breton Shortbread and use a spatula to spread 2000g per 60 x 40cm frame, pressing evenly to the edges. Remove the frame and leave to set. Cut into five 7 x 52cm strips.
Spread 600g of Banana Passion Fruit Compote onto each cooled Vanilla Viennese Sponge and then cut into 18 x 52cm strips and set aside in the freezer.
Place the strips of sponge and compote into the “large U” yule log molds and then use a piping bag with a 16mm nozzle to add 500g of set DULCEY Crémeux in random balls on top. Blast freeze.
Make the Light DULCEY Mousse and then pour 650g into each mold.
Add a strip of Pressed Breton Shortbread to seal the mold, taking care to set the shortbread at the same height as the edge of the Vanilla Viennese Sponge. Blast freeze.
Unmold the logs and spray with the Absolu Banana Passion Fruit Spray Glaze.
Temper some DULCEY 32% chocolate and then use to line two “large U” yule log molds (ref. 2171). Leave to set.
Unmold the chocolate and break into large pieces. Decorate with the pieces (see photo) and add a house logo.

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