Apple & Fennel Waffle

Plated desserts

Made with: 60% Hazelnut Praliné

Steps: 5

An original recipe from L'École Valrhona.

Recipe steps

Plain Waffles

  • 330 g flour
  • 375 gwhole milk
  • 3 eavanilla bean
  • 210 gbutter
  • 6 gsalt
  • 270 gegg whites
  • 75 gsugar
  1. Sift the flour.
  2. Heat the milk with the vanilla, butter and salt.
  3. Whip the egg whites, adding the sugar.
  4. Gently fold the two mixtures together.
  5. Use immediately.


  • 960 gwater
  • 30 gnon-fat dry milk
  • 135 gpowdered glucose
  • 30 ginvert sugar
  • 5 gsorbet stabilizer
  • 150 g60% Hazelnut Praliné
  • 190gSugar
  1. Carefully weigh out all the ingredients. Pour the water into a pan and start to heat. At 25°C (77°F), add the non-fat dry milk.
  2. Take 10% of the sugar and mix with the stabilizer. Set aside.
  3. At 30°C (86°F), add the sugar, powdered glucose and invert sugar.
  4. At 40°C (104°F), gradually pour the hot mixture onto the 60% HAZELNUT PRALINÉ and immersion blend to emulsify.
  5. Return to the heat. At 45°C (113°F), add the stabilizer and sugar mixture.
  6. Pasteurize at 85°C (185°F) for two minutes and then chill rapidly to 4°C (39.2°F). If possible, blend to break down the fat crystals as much as possible. Leave to rest for a minimum of 12 hours.
  7. Blend and churn at between -6 and -10°C (21.2-14°F).
  8. Store in the freezer at -18°C (-0.4°F).


  1. Emulsify the milk with the 60% HAZELNUT PRALINÉ, immersion blend to perfect the emulsion and set aside in the refrigerator.
  2. After chilling, the sauce will hold its shape well and will remain thick. If you wish to make it thinner, add 50% more milk.


  • 795 gwater
  • 400 gfennel
  • 160 gsugar
  • 0.8 eastar anise
  1. Chop the fennel into fine slices and cook with the sugar, star anise and water in a bain marie or sous vide for 60-90 minutes.
  2. The slices should be tender with a little bite.


  • 5 ggelatin
  • 145 gpoached fennel
  • 145 gGranny Smith apples
  • 370 gGranny Smith purrée
  • 1 eavanilla bean
  • 5 gpectin NH
  • 30 gsugar
  1. Soak the gelatin in a large quantity of water and drain well.
  2. Make a brunoise with the poached fennel and the apples.
  3. Heat the apple purée with the split and scraped vanilla bean.
  4. Add the pectin NH mixed with the sugar the rehydrated gelatin. Boil for two minutes. Add the brunoise and the fennel.

Assembly and finishing

Sprinkle the cooked Plain Waffles with confectioner's sugar and then caramelize under a salamander. Place a warm waffle on a plate and add around 30g of Granny Smith and Fennel Compote. Decorate with a few pieces of Poached Fennel. Place a quenelle of Hazelnut Praliné Sorbet on top of the waffle and finish with some Hazelnut Praliné Sauce. Serve immediately.

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