October 15th - Full class


Executive Pastry Chef & Owner
From Oct 15 to Oct 17 - 3 days
Price: $  1255.00*
(30% discount off all classes for North American Cercle V Members)
Past class
* Prices include a class recipe book, an apron, professional class photos, lunch on all class days and dinner with the student group and the instructor on the first or second night of class. In order to enhance your learning experience, the size of the class will be kept between 8-16 students depending on the class theme


During this class, Chef Balaguer will take you on a journey of sublime flavors, textures, and aromas. Drawing from his experience owning several types of pastry and chocolate shops in Spain, Chef Balaguer will teach a range of skills to be used in the production of viennoiserie and tea time accoutrements. Chef Balaguer will also share his incredible level of technique required to perfect his panettone, a cake which is notoriously tricky to master.

World famous for his attention to detail, creativity, and commitment to excellence, Chef Balaguer will pass along his secrets to perfect your bakery creations.



  • Learn Chef Balaguer’s techniques for flawless croissants and other baked goods utilizing laminated doughs
  • Discuss with Chef Balaguer his path to creativity, and how everyday occurrences can be a source for inspiration
  • Produce some of the signature items from the Oriol Balaguer pastry shop
  • Create bite-sized desserts with exceptional flavor combinations to go accompany afternoon tea
  • Try your hand at making panettone, learning Chef Balaguer’s tips and tricks for the best texture and flavor
Past class
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