Vegan Pastry Class
September 22nd


L’École Valrhona Pastry Chef, Central
From Sep 22 to Sep 23 - 2 days
Price: $  955.00*
(30% discount off all classes for North American Cercle V Members)
* The cost to enroll includes a digital class recipe book, an apron, and a 32 Grand Cru Square Gift Box for an interactive chocolate tasting, access to an online forum to share ideas and discuss the content of the class, before, during and after it has ended. Each student will receive a diploma to certify completion of the course. All classes will be conducted via Microsoft Teams.


Food allergies and special diets have become a big focus in the food industry. Accommodating guests with dietary constraints and food allergies, such as gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan can be complicated, but essential. In this innovative class, after 3+ years of R&D on this topic, we break down pastry techniques, trends and recipes to help you adapt to your customer’s needs. Along with the hands-on portion, you will sit down and discuss the main substitutions for the products that need to be replaced and learn how to rebalance recipes with new innovative ingredients to achieve unmatched taste and texture in your desserts. The Valrhona Pastry Chefs will teach you how to re-think pastry concepts with dietary restrictions in mind, and how to use alternative flours and accessible vegan substitutions in your desserts. Not only will these desserts satisfy guests with special diets, but they will also appeal to all customers.


  • Understand the impact of allergies and special diets in the US and discuss the theory regarding alternative ingredients
  • Discover the different allergen ingredients that need to be replaced and their alternatives
  • Understand how to work with vegan and gluten-free ingredients such as aquafaba, almond flour, coconut milk, flax seeds and more
  • Discuss and learn the main substitutions and roles each ingredient plays in your dessert to keep your taste and texture balanced
  • Create various types of allergen-free bonbons and desserts
  • Desserts created in the class will include dairy-free, gluten-free and in some cases vegan creations
  • Deconstruct classic pastry elements to see what substitutions need to be made to comply with special diets
  • Discover the role of each ingredient in a dish, and the impact of ingredient substitutions on texture and flavor

Chef Sarah Tibbetts L’École Valrhona Pastry Chef
A graduate of Culinary Institute of America, Sarah Tibbetts' stellar career includes experience at some of the most renowned restaurants and hotels in the country. She worked at The French Laundry and other fine restaurants before becoming the Executive Pastry Chef at four-starred Fleur de Lys and Michael Mina’s Michelin-rated restaurant at the Bellagio. She was a 2009 James Beard Award nominee. Chef Tibbetts qualified for the North American semi-finals of the Valrhona C3 Culinary Competition in Versailles, France in April 2011. Chef Tibbetts joined Valrhona as its l’École Valrhona North American Pastry Chef, through which she conducts classes for professionals, one-on-one culinary consultations and media outreach, communicating the tastes and tales of Valrhona chocolate.

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