October 12th

Pastry by Lincoln Carson

From Oct 12 to Oct 13 - 2 days
Orange County, California
Price: $  1000.00*
(30% discount off all classes for North American Cercle V Members)
* The cost to enroll includes a digital class recipe book, an apron, and a 32 Grand Cru Square Gift Box for an interactive chocolate tasting, access to an online forum to share ideas and discuss the content of the class, before, during and after it has ended. Each student will receive a diploma to certify completion of the course. All classes will be conducted via Microsoft Teams.


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Valrhona welcomes back Chef Lincoln Carson to share his knowledge of plated desserts. You will learn not only the technical aspects of the desserts but also the inspirations that lead to their creation.


- Learn the complete process of creating the many components behind a plated dessert

- Discover new approaches to achieve specific textual effects

- Explore advanced techniques with an emphasize on balance, seasonality, and texture


- Practice techniques including tempering, ganache, mousse formulation, ice creams, sorbets, sponges, meringues, sauces, and choux

- Prepare all components and finish plating for a multi-course dessert tasting experience

- Preparation will include plated, shared, and verrines, as well as mignardises

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