May 20th


Pastry Chef
From May 20 to May 22 - 3 days
Price: $  1155.00*
(30% discount off all classes for North American Cercle V Members)
Past class
* Prices include a class recipe book, an apron, professional class photos, lunch on all class days and dinner with the student group and the instructor on the first or second night of class. In order to enhance your learning experience, the size of the class will be kept between 8-16 students depending on the class theme


Learn to develop your business through an extended menu of panned centers and chocolate treats.

Discover how to delight your customers with simple, yet interesting panned items and more elaborate snackable confections during this three-day class. Along with no more than 9 other professionals, you will make new and delicious snack recipes with the help of our expert chocolate instructors, who will take the time to go over the science behind chocolate and each recipe so you can leave knowledgeable, confident and inspired.


·       Master basic techniques of panning using a stand mixer attachment and a panning machine

·       Learn new methods to create small bite sized snacks such as bars, marshmallows, caramels, and other confections with a variety of fillings

·       Use a wide range of products to create coated treats with intriguing and unique textures and finishes

·       Employ an array of tools and machines for enrobing, panning, and guitar cutting

·       Apply various finishes, glazes, and décors to enhance your snack creations

Past class
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