Valrhona Molded Chocolate Bonbon Class
September 1st


L’École Valrhona Assistant Pastry Chef
From Sep 1 to Sep 2 - 2 days
Price: $  1155.00*
(30% discount off all classes for North American Cercle V Members)
* The cost to enroll includes a digital class recipe book, an apron, and a 32 Grand Cru Square Gift Box for an interactive chocolate tasting, access to an online forum to share ideas and discuss the content of the class, before, during and after it has ended. Each student will receive a diploma to certify completion of the course. All classes will be conducted via Microsoft Teams.


L’Ecole Valrhona shares its chocolate expertise through this course designed to help professionals create eye-catching molded chocolate bonbons. Learn how to temper Valrhona’s range of chocolates, including our unique INSPIRATION range. Explore the different ways to decorate your molded bonbons with cocoa butter, such as airbrushing, hand painting, etching, and using Valrhona Signature transfer sheets. Understand the various fillings the molded form allows such as, ganache, praline, soft caramel, pate de fruit. You will leave feeling knowledgeable, and confident to put your own twist on the techniques you learned.


  • Use different shaped molds to learn proper shelling and molding methods for molded bonbons
  • Produce balanced ganaches and fillings using different types of chocolate, alcohol, pralines, fruit pureés, and such as unique flavor combinations
  • Utilize airbrushing, hand painting, etching, transfer sheets, and other unique techniques for decorating and texturizing -colorful eye-catching molded confections


Chef Paul Saiphet L’École Valrhona Brooklyn, Assistant Pastry Chef
Paul Saiphet began his career in San Francisco working with Top Chef Alumni, Chef Ryan Scott, overseeing ‘American-Style’ desserts. He then worked with Top Chef-Just Desserts winner Chef Yigit Pura at Pâtisserie Tout Sweet, focusing on elegant, French-style desserts. Later, Chef Paul gained valuable experience in fine dining plated desserts at 2 Michelin Star outposts: Quince and Cotogna, under Chefs Carolyn Nugent and Chef Alen Ramos. In 2014, Chef Paul joined the l’École Valrhona Brooklyn team lending his skills and talents in support of l’École Valrhona Professional Classes and teaching several Gourmet Classes.


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