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  • Theme: Pastry Courses
  • Price: $ 955.00*
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Do you love chocolate but don’t have the confidence to use it in your creations? Knowledge is key! Designed for novice professionals with the desire to dive deeper into chocolate and pastry, this small group class will give you the opportunity to experience practical kitchen time hands-on with chocolate and learn the basics of the science behind chocolate. Don’t miss this opportunity to begin your chocolate education with the masters at l’École Valrhona, who will take the time to share their knowledge and offer you personal support so you can leave the class confident and motivated to make your own chocolate creations.


·       Learn the basics of classic dishes and techniques, including tempering, ganaches and mousses

·       Understand the history and origin of chocolate and its sourcing

·       Prepare classic dishes using chocolate, such as choux, chocolate tarts, chocolate mousse cake, macarons, plated desserts, and petits gâteaux

·       Prepare several chocolate confections using your mastery of tempering including molded bonbons and truffles

·       Discover a variety of finishing techniques such as glazing and chocolate decorations

* Prices include a class recipe book, an apron, professional class photos, lunch on all class days and dinner with the student group and the instructor on the first or second night of class. In order to enhance your learning experience, the size of the class will be kept between 8-16 students depending on the class theme
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