April 27th - Full class


Chef/Owner, Christopher Elbow Chocolates
From Apr 27 to Apr 29 - 3 days
Price: $  1555.00*
(30% discount off all classes for North American Cercle V Members)
* Prices include a class recipe book, an apron, lunch on all class days and dinner with the student group and the instructor on the first or second night of class. In order to enhance your learning experience, the size of the class will be kept between 8-16 students depending on the class theme


This unique bonbon class will combine the extensive chocolate expertise of l’École Valrhona Chef Derek Poirier with the bonbon and business knowledge of award winning Christopher Elbow Chocolates owner and chocolatier Christopher Elbow. This class will focus on creating bonbons and practicing painting with colored cocoa butter, casting, filling, sealing molded bonbons, and making different types of fillings such as ganache, caramel, nut based praline, and more! Students will also learn how to temper chocolate and balance ganache recipes to create multi-layered bonbons. Chef Elbow will share what he has learned from his 16+ years of plus years of experience running a chocolate business. He will discuss things that have worked for his business, and equally important, things that haven’t worked. Students should come prepared with specific questions or problems so Chef Elbow can discuss possible solutions in the context of how he dealt with similar issues in his business. Class will also feature a chocolate theory and a discussion on how to create and grow a successful chocolate business.


  • Learn how to create different types of bonbon fillings such as ganache, caramel, nut-based praline, and more
  • Discuss the ins and outs of running a chocolate business
  • Decorate and design bonbons using transfer sheets, painting, and airbrush techniques
  • Perfect your tempering, bonbon casting, filling, and sealing skills


Chef Christopher Elbow Chef/Owner, Christopher Elbow Chocolates
After pursuing a career as a savory chef, Christopher Elbow discovered all things sweet when he went to work in the Las Vegas restaurant industry. While in Vegas, Christopher had the opportunity to work in pastry kitchens of hotels and restaurants....and never looked back. Upon returning to his hometown of Kansas City, Christopher began experimenting with making chocolate bonbons while working as a pastry chef in a local restaurant. A passion was ignited, and in 2003, Christopher Elbow Chocolates was born. Immediate accolades and press fueled the rapid growth of Christopher Elbow Chocolates, leading to the opening of retail stores in Kansas City and San Francisco as well as a robust e-commerce and wholesale business.

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