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Valrhona Chocolate Bonbons

Make sure your customers never forget their last visit. Offer them something delightfully chocolatey with a coffee or when you give them the bill. Give them a chance to explore luxury chocolate in all its subtle flavors. Place chocolate amenities on your reception desk for your customers to enjoy, or put them in your hotel rooms or lounges. Package them in nice bags or jars to sell for a small gift at coffee bars, bakeries, or in gift boxes.

Our bonbon collection offers an array of chocolate shapes, flavors, and designs. What makes them truly unique, is the exceptional quality of the ingredients and hand-craftsmanship. Valrhona uses only the finest cocoa responsibly sourced from around the world to offer truly unique flavors paired perfectly with the different fillings.

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Always on the look-out for new flavors, Valrhona applied all its expertise and artisanal know-how into creating this new irresistible range: chocolate, caramels, ganaches and fruit purées are hand-crafted in Valrhona’s factory in Tain l’Hermitage, France.
Each bonbon and its decoration are made mostly by hand, which makes each bonbon unique. Valrhona guarentees excellence and consistent flavors. More than 200 sampling experts, split into four in-house panels, check that we are upholding our excellent standards when it comes to both technical skill and taste.
Bonbons, snacks, and amenities offer the perfect bite for countless occasions. Whether you're a hotel restaurant caterer, café, or coffee shop, our collection has the sweet treat to make your customers' experience memorable.

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Chocolate Bonbon Decorations


Valrhona chocolates are crafted using traditional artisanal delicacies and decorated with attractive, creative little touches. Ingredients like nuts, chocolate, caramel, fruit, etc. adorn each piece to enliven any Bonbon Range. Hand-piped decorations boost the elegance of the appeal. Cocoa butter transfer sheet and textural wave like effects highlight the range with delicate details."

Chocolate Bonbon Fillings


Because our range is so diverse, there’s the right chocolate bonbon filling for every taste. Ganaches: cream + fruit purée or chocolate for a smooth and creamy texture. Gianduja: roasted hazelnuts + ground cocoa beans for a smooth texture. Caramel: rich, real dairy caramel finished with natural sea salt. Just as painters need the right colors,chefs and chocolatiers require the right flavor profiles. In a sense, Valrhona provides the palette for chocolate professionals - chocolatiers, pastry chefs, banquet managers and F&B directors - to serve, or create sweet masterpieces for their customers and guests.

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Enrobing Chocolate


Valrhona's quality coating protects the chocolate texture while thin enough to highlight the filling. Dark Chocolate: Powerful & Lingering. Milk Chocolate: Sweet & Indulgent. White Chocolate: Reveals the filling’s full flavor. A delicate balance of innovation with traditional artisan craftmanship gives rise to the new Valrhona Bonbon Range.


Our Bonbon Collection offers a range of flavors, textures and colors to satisfy any taste. From delicate purées, and sophisticated flavors to indulgent, creamy ganache and rich fillings, our Bonbon Range offers a perfect collection for any pallete. - Créations Sur Mesure - l'atelier-création-2
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